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          Welcome to visit the official website of Jiangxi Hairun Machinery Co., ltd.!


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          TEL:18879480142    13879455187    15802021369    
          ADD:Guangchang County Industrial Park, Fuzhou, Jiangxi


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          The Spring Festival holiday is over!
          In the days of spring everywhere,
          We're officially starting work!
          On the seventh day of the New Year, the construction will start well.
          Fighting for the Year of the Pig!


          In the year of 2019, full of opportunities and challenges, we will not take the past as a fetter, stop moving forward with hardship, and start a new journey with great confidence, knowing that there is a long way to go.
          In 2019, with you walking hand in hand, the future will be more exciting!
          We believe that with the joint efforts of all employees and the support of our company partners and friends from all walks of life, our dream will surely come true.